Is Knee Replacement Surgery for you?

See Dr. Horton on 8West as he discusses whether or not knee repacement surgery may be right for you? Presently, patients with severe destruction of the knee joint associated with progressive pain and impaired function may be candidates for total knee replacement through Pennock Health's Advanced Orthopedic & Pain Institute. In addition, physical therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation after total knee replacement and Pennock is proud to have an on-site physical therapy çenter to offer patients ease-of-use. To learn more, visit Avanced Orthopedic & Pain Institute online.



Considering a Hysterectomy?

Did you know? Pennock Health offers the latest in hysterectomy procedures by offering da Vinci's Single-Site® Surgery: a virtually scarless procedure. Patients who choose our Single-Site® Surgery experience virtually scarless results, similar to single incision traditional laparoscopy. As a result, patient's receive the benefits of no or a short hospital stay, low blood loss, low rate of converting to open surgery and an overall low rate of complications. To learn more, visit our Women's Health First office.




Pennock Compassion Award

Nominate a Pennock Colleague for the Pennock Compassion Award. This award honors Pennock caregivers who communicate sensitively, listen carefully, display empathy, and instill a sense of hope. Nominations are due by September 26th. We invite you to submit your nomination online or you can also send a direct email to (please remember to include in your email your name, your phone and extension, your email, the colleague you wish to nominate and a brief message on why you have chosen this person for this outstanding award)!



For the original hipsters. anterior hip replacement

Maybe “hip” doesn’t mean quite the same thing after a few decades of living. But you’re still dancing, walking, biking, playing—why should your joints slow you down? Pennock Advanced Orthopedic & Pain Institute offers the most up-to-date techniques for joint replacement. Anterior hip replacement lets your surgeon reach your hip joint by moving muscle tissue aside instead of cutting it, so you have less pain and get back into action more quickly.

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