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One of the most remarkable examples of what robotic surgery can do for our patients is seen with our cholecystectomies, or removal of the gallbladder. Using minimally invasive robotic techniques, our Spectrum Health Pennock Surgeons can remove the entire gallbladder through one, small incision in the belly button. Cosmetically, this Single-Site™ approach leaves patients with no visible scar. In addition, a single incision can also mean less post-operative pain, a reduced risk of wound infection and a quicker recovery times. Learn More About Our Robotic Services




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With our Advanced Orthopedic & Pain Institute, you can get moving again! As the only orthopedic treatment center in Barry County, Spectrum Health Pennock's Advanced Orthopedic & Pain Institute provides the highest degree of service in an efficient, personal, and professional manner. If you are in need of fracture care, total joint replacements, neurostimulation therapy, fibromyalgia treatment, IME-Independent Medical Examinations, surgeries of the musculoskeletal system or reconstructive surgeries, visit our office today or learn more by visiting the AOPI Website.




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The Spectrum Health Board of Directors and the Pennock Board of Trustees approved an integration of Pennock Health Services (PHS) into Spectrum Health. Effective May 1, 2015, PHS became a Spectrum Health hospital.“Spectrum Health has enjoyed a strong relationship with Pennock for many years. We share a commitment to patient-centered care,” said Richard C. Breon, President & CEO, Spectrum Health. “This agreement signifies an investment to provide quality health services to the Hastings community and Barry County.” To learn more, read our full Q&A's!



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