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Balloon Sinuplasty

In partnership with Eye & E.N.T. Specialists, PLC, of Hastings, Spectrum Health Pennock is now offering the latest treatment options for those that suffer from chronic sinusitis, Acclarent's Balloon Sinuplasty™ system.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?



Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) is a safe and effective procedure for chronic sinusitis patients who are not responding well to medications and are seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms.

With Balloon Sinuplasty, Dr. Nosanov, M.D., opens inflamed sinuses in the same way that heart surgeons open up blocked arteries during balloon angioplasty. The procedure is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activities quickly. Unlike conventional sinus surgery, it does not include removal of bone or tissue from the nose.


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Sinus Surgery with Balloon sinuplasty

When you choose the Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) surgery, your outpatient operation will be preformed by Dr. Nosanov, M.D., right onsite at Spectrum Health Pennock. During the procedure, Dr. Nosanov will use a small, flexible, balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways and facilitate drainage of the mucus that builds up in patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. When the sinus balloon is inflated, it restructures and widens the walls of the sinus passageway while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining.

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. Published clinical data in the leading ENT journal shows that it is safe and effective: patients experienced no adverse events and received statistically and clinically significant improvement in their sinusitis symptoms. The following illustrations show how Balloon Sinuplasty opens a blocked left maxillary sinus:

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