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Thank you for choosing Pennock Health Services as your healthcare provider! At Pennock Health, we are committed to fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality care. To ensure the success of this commitment we must be financially sustainable. Patient billing services for Pennock Health Services and Pennock Hospital are provided by the Pennock Financial Services office.

We take a positive and proactive approach to patient billing and collections with the goal of receiving payment for services rendered in the most efficient, timely and customer-oriented manner possible. We also understand that billing and collections for healthcare services can be confusing, and we want you to be well informed.

To inquire about a bill you received for physician or hospital-related services please contact customer service.

Pennock Patient Financial Services
Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - Noon
(269) 948-3101 or (800) 752-9613


In person: If you prefer to discuss your bill in person, you are welcome to meet with our Patient Financial Services Representative staff from 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Patient Financial Services is located inside Pennock Hospital, Main Floor.


By Email: If you prefer to discuss your bill through email, please email a customer service rep by emailing us at


Processing Your Bill

Pennock Health Services will file insurance claim forms for most insurance plans when assignment of benefits has been provided by you at the time of registration. You will receive from your insurance carrier a form titled "Explanation of Benefits," indicating the portion of the bill that your insurance company has paid. Once Pennock Health Services processes the insurance payment, we will send you an updated bill showing the balance you still owe to Pennock Health or one of our subsidary divisions.

If we are unable to obtain payment from your insurance carrier, we will ask for your help in getting the bill paid. If you do not have insurance coverage, we will send you a bill shortly after services are rendered requesting payment of the balance due.


Sample Bill



Download a Sample Pennock Health Bill



Paying Your Bill


You may pay your bill in several ways; Cash, Debit, Credit, Visa MasterCard, Discover, Hospital Expense Loan Program, Pennock Health Services Payment Plan, Medicaid, and a Financial Assistance Program .

*You may be eligible for a discount if you pay in full on your first statement. If you do not meet your financial obligation for your service and you have not made arrangements with us for financial assistance, your account will be turned over to a collection agency.


Financial Assistance and Patient Payment Alternatives

If you have a balance due and are unable to pay, you may qualify for one of Pennock Health's Finance Assistance programs listed below. Your ability to contribute to the cost of your care will be evaluated and allowances will be made for extenuating circumstances based on good faith efforts and mitigating factors. The evaluation will be based on income, family size, and amount of medical bills.

The financial counselors at Pennock Health Services may reach out to you to ask if you would like to apply for financial assistance. You may request assistance prior to, during, or subsequent to receiving your service.

1.) Free assistance in applying for Medicaid through the Department of Medical Assistance Services or supplemental social security benefits.

2.) The "HELP Program." Patients can set up longer term payment arrangements by applying for the Hospital Expense Loan Program. Pennock Health Services offers this program to assist patients, but HELP Financial is an independent company and is not controlled by Pennock Health Services.


Download and Apply for HELP



3.) Financial Assistance Program . Pennock Health Services provides a Financial Assistance Program to individuals unable to pay their bill. All medically necessary services rendered by Pennock Hospital, Pennock Homecare/Hospice and Pennock Family Medicine may qualify for charity care.


Download our Financial Assistance Program Policy



Download our Financial Assistance Program Application



4.) Assistance Programs. If you have concerns about your ability to pay for health care, please call our Patient Financial Services staff at 269.948.3101 to discuss information about additional Pennock Programs that you may qualify for, such as Financial Assistance Program or Medicaid to help pay for your health care services.

Pennock Payment Plans:

* $5.00 - $300.00 3 months
* $300.01 - $600.00 6 months
* $600.01 - $900.00 9 months
* $900.01 + 12 months

*You will continue to receive bills from Pennock Health Services until eligibility under one of these programs has been determined.

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