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Orthopedic and Pain Management

We assist in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the bones, joints, muscles and other parts of the musculoskeletal system to help you feel and live a better life. In addition, as a continuation of our comprehensive orthopedic care, we also provide full rehabilitation services to help you return to an active lifestyle!


Anterior Total Hip Replacement

In partnership with Hastings Orthopedic Clinic, P.C., Pennock Health will soon be offering the latest in Anterior Total Hip Replacement. An Anterior Hip Replacement uses the same type of implants as traditional total hip replacement, however, the new anterior approach allows surgeons the ability to access the joint in a special way, leaving the important muscles for hip function undisturbed; assisting in faster recovery and better joint stability after surgery.


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Pain Management Clinic

Hastings Orthopedic Clinic works in conjunction with Pennock’s Pain Management Clinic. Dr. Leep, Dr. Heeringa, and Dr. Horton treat patients experiencing a broad range of pain disorders including muscle pain, fibromyalgia, vertebral compression fractures, pain associated with osteoporosis, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, shingles and cancer pain. With a multidisciplinary approach, patients are independently diagnosed through various non-surgical procedures using a variety of highly specialized methods of treatment including medication management; therapeutic nerve block techniques and rehabilitation through physical and occupational therapy. The goal is to eliminate the pain and to help the patient change harmful behaviors for a healthy and functional lifestyle; ultimately improving the quality of life. Patients can benefit from visiting the Pain Management Clinic.

For an appointment please call (269) 945.9520 or visit Hastings Orthopedic website


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