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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."-Winston Churchill


The Pennock Foundation is a conduit for the many generous contributions that are invested right back into the health and safety of communities served by Pennock Health Services. In 2011 alone, the Pennock Foundation was able to grant $572,446 - with over $5 million granted in the last 25 years. From purchasing advanced medical technology for the community and investing in new facilities, to funding bicycle helmets for local youth, your contributions to the Foundation help people of all ages achieve and maintain good health.

There is simply no doubt that every day the Pennock Foundation's donors and friends make a difference in the lives of local residents. As your local community hospital, Pennock provides over $4 million in uncompensated care. Philanthropic gifts made to the Foundation help to make up the difference for medical services and health education. You may not get to meet the patients that you help through your contributions to the Foundation, but rest assured you are making a very personal difference - helping not only patients, but entire families who struggle with health issues that dramatically impact their lives.


Grants Back to Our Community



Improved Technology

Good Neighbor Charity Care


Pennock Hospice Embracing Hope

Community Health and Education


Current Grants Awarded

Cardiorespiratory Infant Monitors
Automatic External Debrillators
Intensive Care Unit Cardiac Monitors
Mobility Monitor for Medical/Surgical Patients
Bariatric Equipment for Medical/Surgical Patients
Intensive Care Unit Temporary Pacemaker
Portable Bed for Parents of Pediatric Patients
Portable Beds for Coaches/Dads for the Family-
Birthing Center
Rocking Chair for the Family Birthing Center
Six Wheelchairs for Patient Transport
Patient Room Suction Regulators
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Health & Wellness Center Equipment
Dialysis – Baum Center for Health
Pediatric Syringe Pumps
Green Street Caution Lights
Satellite Receivers
EMS/EMT Supplies
Mercy Ambulance – Pulse Oximeter
Lakewood Area Baby Pantry – Start Up Sponsorship
Child Abuse Prevention Council – Educational Supplies
Delton Area Fire Safety – Thermal Imaging Camera
Clarksville Fire Department – Automatic External Debrillators
Hastings Fire Department – Thermal Imaging Camera
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine – Student Sponsorship
Barry County Sheri – Automatic External Debrillators
Good Neighbor Account – Donation
Pennock Hospice
Pennock Homecare Telehealth System
Thornapple Township EMS – 12 Lead EKG
YMCA Camp Algonquin – Automatic External Debrillators
Doris I. Cappon Health Care Career Professional Sta Scholarships
Pennock Hospital Smoke Free Workday Program
Thornapple Manor Patient Transport Van
Pennock Family Birthing Center Infant Feeding Pump & Hearing Testing Machine
Wound Care Nurse Certication
New Furniture for the Pennock ICU Waiting Room
Pennock Surgery Department GlideScope Intubation -
Anesthesia Equipment
Children’s Furniture for Pennock State Street Center
Bicycle Safety Jamboree Bike Helmets & Activity Books
Barry County Substance Abuse Methamphetamine-
Task Force Grant
Emergency Department Continuing Education-
Sponsored By Pennock Hospital
Auxiliary Guild #20
Campbell Township/Clarksville Fire Department -
Scott Air Packs
Spiritual Care Consultants of Western Michigan
Noelle 5550 Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator
Barry County United Way Smoke Detector Program
Barry Community Free Medical Clinic
Drug Boxes for ALS Ambulances in Barry County
Portable Suction for Hospital Crash Carts
Olympus Microscope for Clinical Laboratory -
Sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Cassell
Barry Eaton Health Connections
Barry County Youth Leadership Summit
Ebersole Educational Center - AED
Pennock Sleep Disorder Center