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A Letter from our Chief Executive Officer

Sheryl lewis blake, ceo

Change is definitely the topic of conversation in health care these days. Innovations in health continue to increase the options available to physicians and patient alike, while the expansion of health care through the Affordable Care Act will increase access to quality, affordable health care for more individuals than ever before.

Change can be viewed as a scary proposition, or embraced as progress. It is probably not difficult to figure out how Pennock views change. We embrace the changes that will propel health care to an entirely new level! We are determined to ensure that change equates to advancement in health care; an advancement that means our community has more options, an ever higher level of care and healthier lives. To provide the local care you expect from Pennock well into the future, we were excited to announce the construction of a new hospital and medical arts building that will open in 2017.

Health is a journey that takes a lifetime. Pennock wants to be right there, providing exceptional care when needed, helping our patients to stay well so that they are able lead the healthiest life possible.


Sheryl Lewis Blake, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

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