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Celebrating Exceptional Quality

Transition. Transformation. The next steps in our drive for quality and safety

Life can change in an instant. A calm, quiet moment can turn into a health crisis without notice. As individuals in our community become patients, they trust that we will be there, ready to step into the crisis, ready to provide the medical care that is needed. This uncertainty is at the nature of what we do. Every day we are forced to react quickly to save lives, ensure safety and promote health. And, as we all know, this need to make instantaneous decisions works best when there is a strong, well-tested protocol in place.

We celebrate the dedication and focus of our colleagues who provide the bedrock and narrative for our Outstanding Patient Safety Story. Individuals who not only provide outstanding care, but are also driven to push beyond our well established high standards to uncover an ever better patient outcome.

Additionally, we mark our new partnership with Spectrum Health. Our integration with Spectrum Health has enabled us to begin the process of building an even stronger platform on which to provide health care for the citizens of greater Barry County. Merging our best practices with the proven metrics of Spectrum Health allows us to have a heightened focus on our patients.

The individuals of this organization have created the legacy that is Pennock and will be the cornerstone of quality, caring and dedication that mold the future of Spectrum Health Pennock and our ability to continue to improve the health of the communities we serve.


At Spectrum Health Pennock, we pride ourselves on being a small but nimble organization, providing patient care in a Personal, Professional and Progressive manner in Partnership with our community.


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