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Spectrum Health Pennock Pastoral Care

The Spectrum Health Pennock Chaplaincy Program provides ecumenical pastoral care to persons of every faith tradition. Our chaplain supplies spiritual care, encouragement, and counsel without seeking to proselytize on behalf of any particular faith community, denomination, or faith tradition. Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital also provides an on-site Chapel, located on the Hospital's first floor.


Our Philosophy

We believe that each hospital patient is a person of dignity and worth, whose spiritual and religious beliefs are vital to their identities as human beings and to the recovery and maintenance of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and personal well-being.  Therefore, we seek to meet the spiritual and religious needs of each person with whom we work.


Our Chaplains

Spectrum Health Pennock provides a trained staff chaplain who serves in the hospital most mornings on a part-time basis. We also have an on-call chaplain that is available in the late afternoon and overnight period. Finally, on the weekend, we have a volunteer chaplain group made up of local ministers to attend to the spiritual needs of patients and families. Our chaplains are valued members of the healthcare team and works within the policies and guidelines of the hospital.


Contact a Spectrum Health Pennock Chaplain

You may contact the chaplain by phone at (269) 945-1212 extension 1548. Please leave a message, and the chaplain will return your call. After hours and in pastoral crises please have a nurse call the pastoral cell phone (269) 425-9218 for assistance.


Spiritual Care Services


Our staff chaplain daily visits patients in the hospital’s Emergency room, Outpatient surgery unit, Intensive Care Unit, Family Birthing Center and both 2nd and 3rd Floor Medical/Surgery (Med/Surg) units.

Pastoral Care

Our chaplains provide pastoral care for patients, their families, and staff as needed.

Crisis Ministry

Our chaplains is ready to assist families at the time of death or in other times of crisis in conjunction with our hospital social worker and Life Services Coordinator.

Special Programs

Our chaplain provides special community programs, communion, and baptism services for patients and their families. The staff chaplain also participates in medical staff education, general orientation of new colleagues and the hospital’s ethics committee.



Following the policies of Spectrum Health Pennock, as well as federal regulations, our chaplain seeks to provide an appropriate link between patients and their families and local clergy and churches.


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